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    Ebook - Your Work Doesn't Speak For Itself

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Positives changes within days!


“I would recommend Eleanor's book to all models, whether quite new or much more experienced. She has put the research into it and presents things in a way that is easy to follow and adapt to your personal circumstances. I saw positives changes within days of changing my bio and refocusing my efforts based on her advice. Highly recommended!”

I feel much more confident!


"Before reading "Your Work Doesn't Speak for Itself" I was very unsure about my bio text, and regularly asked for feedback, which was always mixed. This has been a huge challenge for me, because I have been modeling for such a long time, and yet still got way too many trade offers. With this new bio text, I feel much more confident in myself as a business person. This book helped me condense, clarify, and communicate exactly what I want to tell my potential clients. I learned more in an hour than I have in 10 years of modeling!"


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Chief Muse and Mentor

Eleanor Rose

Hi, I'm Eleanor. I started my career as a freelance nude model back in 2011, and that became my full time job for many years. I went through a lot of feast and famine cycles as I booked very little work, and then a lot, and then very little again until I learned what it takes to bring in a consistent, liveable income as a freelance model. From there I kept growing my client base and creating art I loved, honing both the artistic and the business sides of my craft. In 2016 I started Empowered Muses to bring that knowledge to freelance nude models around the globe, and I'm dedicated to helping you make plenty of money doing what you love. My courses here on Thinkific will center around the same tools and tricks I teach my clients, with a focus on those that will help any freelance model (not just those who pose nude) start improving their career and making money asap.